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Write-a-thon update!

I finished two stories last week that I’d been working on for some time.

One is a submission for an adventure anthology I’ve been invited to contribute to. I experimented with solar punk as a genre and had a lot of fun creating a new world.

The second is a story I’ve had in mind for a long time about chemical em-path technology.

Next write-a-thon projects are to continue with two other short stories I have on the boil and also a new play.

Happy writing everyone 🙂

What I Write

I write short fiction, plays and novels. Right now I’m building up a new bunch of short stories and a longer play to submit to various professional publications and opportunities. The theme is The Future Project – both utopian and dystopian versions of where we might be heading.


Autopsy of a Comedian, collection, Clan Destine Press, 2015
Last Game of the Day, Allegory, 2014
What you Wish For, Cosmic Vegetable, 2013
Service with a Smile, Scarlet Stiletto Short Stories, Clan Destine Press, 2013
A Clean Job, collection, Clan Destine Press, 2013

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

To write every day, even it’s just 100 words, but hopefully more.
To complete (at least) four stories and submit them for publication.
To map out the first draft of a new play.
All of these goals are for speculative works.

Fundraising Goals

Whatever I can raise!