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What I Write

Until I attended Clarion West in 2017 last year (TEAM ECLIPSE 4-EVA), I’d never in my adult life written a genre story. Historically and by ~training I’m a lit-fic writer, which means pre-Clarion I mostly wrote about people in emotional conflict with other people. Lots of siblings, mountains, guns, restaurants, feminism is for everybody, capitalism blows, epiphanies left and right, etc. Post-Clarion, I still write about the same shit! But with SPACE DOMES and plots.


Two of last year’s Clarion West stories are in Uncanny (“Like a River Loves the Sky“) and Lightspeed (“From the Root” — will update with a link on 6/28). Full publication list can be found at http://www.emmaemmaemma.com/read-me/

My Write-a-thon Goals

Fundraising Goals

I want to raise money for Clarion West, the only organization in the world for whom I feel doubtless, unmitigated, eternal love and gratitude. Two years out, I still have trouble believing I was given such a gift in this lifetime.