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My Progress

Jul 24: COMPLETED. Moving on to reviewing notes I’ve taken along the way on things I need to fix or change, and beginning to implement changes and fixes.
Jul 21: I wrote 17 scenes, merged 3 scenes into other scenes and deleted two. I have 4 scenes left, with 99k words completed.
Jul 14: I completed 9 scenes during week 4, and wrote detailed outlines for 15 future scenes, which let me identify six scenes to delete or merge. I have 26 scenes left to write—average 2 scenes/day to finish on the 28th. It’s ambitious, but I am going to do it.
Jul 7: ~2k words during week 3, completing two scenes (58 total completed, comprising 70k words; 43 remaining).

Jun 30: 8k words during week 2, completing six scenes. My writing software was overcounting the total scenes completed and remaining, so I have fewer scenes to complete than I thought—45 left, not 57. The down side is that I’ve completed fewer scenes than I thought, but I’m still just over halfway done with the entire second draft.

Jun 23: 10,226 words and 9 scenes completed during week 1, with 63 scenes remaining (number may go up or down some if I break up or combine scenes).

About Me

Writing Sample

     “Hi!” a small, floating dolphin said to Aimee, in a high-pitched buzzy voice that stabbed at her eardrums. He was the size of her hand and hung at face level. “I’m Flippy! I’m here to tell you about the dangers you will undergo in the next room of the dungeon crawl!”

     “Have at it, Flippy,” Aimee said, moving down the corridor past him. “Keep up and make it quick.”

     “Beyond the door at the end of the corridor lie…” The dramatic pause went on long enough Aimee glanced back over her shoulder to make sure Flippy was still there. “…the ice spiders!” Flippy finished, triumphantly. “To reach them, you must ascend the broken stairs of Helminth!”

     “How many ice spiders?” Aimee asked.

     “You will face Number of Ice Spiders Not Found,” Flippy said.

     “Super-helpful, Flippy,” Aimee said, stopping at the arched stone door at the end of the corridor and inspecting a small chute next to it. “What else do I need to know?”

     “Be not afraid!” Flippy said, voice reaching an even higher pitch. “For if you fall, the magical webs of Arachne will protect you!”

     A small tube, the size and shape of a travel kit toothpaste, fell out of the chute.

     “What’s this?” Aimee said, picking it up.

     “To experience the full coldness of the ice spider caves, apply a thin layer of paste before entering!” Flippy said, and executed a backflip in the middle of the air.

     Aimee unscrewed the tube. It smelled like menthol. “I’ll pass,” she said, and pushed at the door. It swung open.

     “I cannot join you within!” Flippy continued, swimming up past her and into the ceiling. “But I will see you on the other side…should you prevail!” The last part was very faint.

What I Write

I’m working on a comedy fantasy novel in which a poorly paid human intern recently ascended to folk hero and her friend, a curmudgeonly faerie princess who ran away from home to become a programmer, have adventures in a malfunctioning magical theme park run by faeries for human tourists.



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Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

Complete a major draft of my current novel.

Fundraising Goals

For any donation, I will send you weekly updates that include excerpts and/or quotes. If you select one of the following Twitter-based sponsor rewards, I will also send excerpts to introduce you to the relevant characters. You don’t have to be on Twitter for any of these; I’ll make transcripts available.

• For $5, at least 2 of my characters will give you 1 or more pieces of bad advice on Twitter (and maybe some good advice). You do not have to be on Twitter for this.
• For $15, at least 2 characters will have a conversation with each other (and possibly you) on Twitter that includes outrageous but impressive and flattering lies about your fictional exploits.
• For $25, at least two characters will live-tweet one longer or two shorter TV episodes of your choosing (with some restrictions, e.g. no horror; contact me at my firstname.lastname@gmail to ask about a specific episode/episodes).
• For $50, at least two characters will live-tweet a movie of your choosing (with some restrictions, e.g. no horror; contact me at my firstname.lastname@gmail to ask about a particular movie).

Note that sponsorship info gets sent out to us every Friday night, so I won’t know you’ve sponsored me until then.