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My Write-a-thon Goals

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2020 is the 10th anniversary of my Clarion West class, so my goal this year is to dust off 3 short stories that trace back to my time at the workshop:

  • An alternate history piece about a failing moon colony in the year 2010, which I tried to write immediately after the workshop before burnout set in
  • A story about an interstellar war fought using preprogrammed drones and how human norms ruin technology, which grew out of an idea I had for the workshop but never wrote
  • A fantasy piece about an island in a world where the water kills you, which is a companion to one of my favorite stories that I workshopped.

I’ve spent most of my time since CW working on longer fiction—and also random projects like an animated web series and a comic—but I’m really in the mood to actually finish something this summer, so here’s hoping.