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Writing Sample

Even after being reincarnated as a plastic lawn flamingo, Irma still insisted that the scruffy panhandler on the I-95 offramp near our house had been Jesus. “We missed him,” she’d say, painted beak opening to reveal a mouth that did not lead to a windpipe or vocal chords or lungs. “We mistreated Jesus again and now we’re doomed.” Sometimes she got so agitated she’d gallop around on her two skinny metal legs until she fell over and it took both of us pushing and pulling with our beaks to right her.
And then I’d shake my long plastic neck and sigh. It was useless trying to explain to her that Jesus and reincarnation were from mutually exclusive religions. And anyway she was right about the second part: we were definitely doomed.
The gnomes were coming.

What I Write

I like to call it “delightfully absurd,” and hope no one notices it’s a smokescreen covering my distaste for details like “how things actually work.”



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Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

Real talk: I haven’t been writing much. See, I have this full-time editor job and it’s killing my fiction. In previous Write-a-thons I’ve had big goals and I’ve never ever met them. So this summer is about trying to clean my much-neglected writing house and figure out how to re-integrate fiction into my life. Here are some of the things I intend to do (with timelines):

• Move my Blogspot blog to WordPress. I mean really. Blogspot? What was I thinking? (by end of week 1)

• Add a crapload of old travel writing, book reviews, and other junk to the blog. (at least 2 posts per week)

• Research and submit previously published stories to reprint markets. (at least 1 per week)

• Write and post new postcard stories. (at least 1 per week)

• Finish current WIP, a murder mystery set in a school full of invisible teenagers. (by end of week 3)

• Start some new fiction. (30 min. of fictioning per day). If no new fiction ideas occur on schedule, revisit old WIP YA novel about teens navigating a world where murder is legal, up to a point.

• Figure out how to have a twitter presence when I hate twitter. 🙂

Fundraising Goals

Sponsor me with money! All sponsors paying over $1 (within the US) will receive a one-of-a-kind postcard story on an actual postcard from an actual foreign country (Iceland, Norway, Cuba, or Israel primarily).

Sponsors paying over $25 are entitled to weigh in on which of the above bullet points ought to be my priorities. I may or may not listen. All sponsors will receive updates, so the more of you there are the more guilty I’ll feel about not meeting this year’s goals. See? You’re helping. 🙂