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The thing is, you’ve already been born once, twelve years ago. You are sure of it, even if you don’t quite remember. You try to tell this to Mother, but her mouth encompasses you fully and from all sides. The skin surrounding your curled body is sticky, warm and insulated. Your words choke inside your mother’s throat, they slide down her gullet, a place you don’t want to go. So you clutch tightly at the meaty bulges of your mother’s tonsils and pray for the time of your second birth to come fast, like waking from a dream.

What I Write

I write mostly short fiction and I am slowly working up towards longer stuff. I enjoy the darkness and tend to explore it. I write a lot of stories with Greeks/in Greece and with women and their relationship with each other and the world.


Some stories free to read online:

My Country is a Ghost – Uncanny Magazine, issue #32 (January/February)

What Cannot Follow – Fireside Magazine, issue #73 (October)

We Are Here to Be Held – Strange Horizons (January)

Cherry Wood Coffin – Apex Magazine, issue #108 (May)

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

To finish my novella and maybe a couple of shorts? Sky is the limit!

Fundraising Goals

The Clarion West Scholarship made this all possible for me to attend the workshop in 2019. Any amount you offer will make me so happy and proud and it will be helping writers who need the help.

  • $10 I’ll tweet my thanks to you with lots of emojis.
  • $25 The aforementioned thank you tweet and I’ll email you pictures of my doggo Skeletor (he is seriously cute!)
  • $50 The aforementioned thank you tweet and a microfiction from me with a theme of your choice.
  • $100 The aforementioned thank you tweet and a critique of your short story (up to 5.000 words).