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My Progress

7/9/17: Writing sprint #2! My goal was to knock out a rough draft for an article about speculative fiction. Managed to exceed the minimum word count. You can read my ramblings about it in my journal.

6/21/17: First writing sprint today! Went from 479 words to 1150. I decided to work on a novel-in-progress called “Between the Mountains and the Sea” (working title). It felt good to get words down like that. You can read my journal about it on my blog.

About Me

Writing Sample

An excerpt from a work-in-progress entitled “Lady of the Barren Plain”:


There is a hum that resonates throughout the very web of all there is—a melody familiar, its harmony a complement.

Khnum’s wheel is always spinning, its revolutions endless in time where time has no meaning. We are essence and air sprung from nothingness in his constantly moving ka-creating hands; the substance that is our souls spilling, flowing, and being recaptured. He smiles, this Creator, as his fingers mold, smooth, shape and caress—the definition of his work coming into being.


Khnum. Maker of gods and men. Maker of the force that drives us and connects us to what we and all others are. He is the unifier, the creator of life.


We are but clay as he wields us.


And then we are free, birds flying fast—our bodies only vessels to be emptied to find ourselves once more.


Now here on this plane, life becomes a constant search and aspiration for the freedom of our souls from its flesh and blood confinement. Yet while we are here, we are striving to make connections—not only with ourselves—but with others as well. The soul must experience it, all the while hoping to be with itself once more.


To love, to enthrall, and to pleasure. To inspire, to loathe, to reflect.


Khnum, when he made and released us into the aether, smiled because he knows that it is through experiencing the full cycle—


This is how one ultimately becomes whole.

What I Write

I write fantasy, science fiction, and horror/dark fiction inspired by history, heritage, and folklore.



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My short stories “Empty Vessel,” “Breath of Life,” and “Flight” were published in the Dark Dreams anthology and its two sequels (Kensington/Dafina). My short story “A Little Not Music” is currently in the anthology Sycorax’s Daughters (Cedar Grove). In April 2017, my poem “Vox” was published in Apex Magazine.

Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

Well, I signed up so that means I need to commit to producing some stories! I’ve got a lot of folks out there who are like “JUST FINISH ALREADY.” Fine, fine, FINE. The haranguing has worked. Butt to seat. Fingers to keyboard already.


I would like to finish at least two to three short stories and add some to a novel-in-progress. I think that’s pretty doable!

Fundraising Goals

Whatever someone out there is willing to give out of the kindness of their speculative fiction loving hearts is appreciated!