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Writing Sample

I was halfway through the Friday eleven to seven shift, which is the loneliest of the lot, when the time machine lit up and spat Mo out.

She looked like she was on fire. Not like she’d been set on fire; she looked like fire was running over her skin like spilled beer running across a table, foaming and spreading. Tachyon breakdown, the decay of shifted time.

I’ve seen people come through before, but only on tape. And Jesus, never anyone I knew

And because it was Mo, I killed the alarm.

– ‘Playing Prometheus’, Persistent Visions Magazine, 18 November 2016

What I Write

Secondary-world fantasy, polite horror, and somewhat emotional science fiction. The lines seem to blur a bit. Currently working on several short stories and editing a post-apocalyptic novel.


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“Late Night at the Low Road Diner”, forthcoming in Liminal Stories in August 2018.

“Thou Unnecessary Letter”, published in the No Shit, There I Was… anthology. February 2017.

Playing Prometheus”, published in Persistent Visions. 18 November 2016.

“The Gannet Girl”, published in issue 102 of On Spec magazine. May 2016.

Abishag Mary”, published in The Weird Wild West anthology. December 2015. (Story link is to an excerpt.)

Five Drinks in Siltown”, published in issue 8 of Betwixt Magazine. July 2015.

Palimpsest”, published in issue 2 of The Sockdolager. June 2015.

Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

6,000 new words written, and 3 short stories revised.

Fundraising Goals

I deeply admire Clarion West; while I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to attend the six-week workshop, I admire the work they do (both the six-week and the one-day workshops, not to mention the scholarships) and I’d love to support it.