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June 19 – chose a partly outlined story entitled “Slippery” for the first project. Onward.

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Writing Sample

This is an essay I wrote for the “Women Destroy Science Fiction” anthology published by Lightspeed Magazine a few years ago:

…”As a consumer, reading science fiction resembles an auction – the tables hold an impossibly enticing variety of unique things, the sellers make multiple bid calls for your attention, and you’re never the oddest person there. You can be tongue-tied, brainy, hit upside the head with an ugly stick, or as socially awkward as a chimp at a bris, but read SF and you’ve got a posse: people (some admittedly fictional) who would actively admire you for having a chemistry set and scuba gear to go with your sewing machine and fine china. Too much guy stuff? Well, yes. No argument about misogyny in the field, and the disturbingly wide POV range can be daunting, but – maybe because of a supportive father – I found it exciting, a sanctuary where I could use big words, think big thoughts, and not endure very many swelled heads. The two best work groups in my corporate career had a routine SF book swap, and even academia, where I teach now, is starting to come around.

As a creator, writing science fiction is probably no more difficult than any other kind, which means next to impossible if you’ve only ever written essays, proposals, or software manuals. Steep. Learning. Curve. It’s harder than humor. It’s harder than convincing the dean to fund a purely practical study of how to make money. Despite several decades of reading and writing experience, and a favorite definition of ‘story’ that fits particularly well with SF (it’s survival information), I’m struggling to get started. Thank God for Nancy Kress, Ben Bova, Kate Wilhelm and all the others who give back to the field by writing how-to books and teaching. At some point I’ll be ready for Clarion, and despite my advancing age, I’m going to wow them. Be ready.”

What I Write

Science fiction, mostly, but also essays, poems, and book reviews.

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Marsella, Gail –  The Banshee Caoimheall, Illumenvol XIII:2, Winter 2017

Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

I’ve started dozens of stories, essays and poems over the years, finished and submitted some, stumped by others. My goal for this Write-A-Thon is to finish at least one piece a week from the unfinished objects pile.