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Agnikaa pulled on her bed frame, working the muscles of her arms to draw her chin level with her hands. Sweat dripped down her back, running between her shoulder blades. Her nanofibre prison gear should have wicked away the moisture, but it was saturated. Before incarceration, she’d done thirty reps max, now she had nothing but six feet to work in and twenty four hours free time thirty wasn’t enough.
Fifty, she thought, her biceps screaming at her, fifty was a good number for today. Whenever today was. Time was meaningless in a windowless cell on a space station out past Luna. Sweat ran along the burn scars on her cheek, funnelling towards her mouth. Disgusting. She twisted her head mid-rep and spat.
A jolt rocked her cell. It slammed through the station, knocking her against the wall. Her heartbeat hammered in her chest as the alarms wailed.

Then there was a rush of air, a click and harsh red emergency lighting flooded the room. She blinked. Her eyes weren’t used to the light, her cell in a constant state of darkness since she’d been incarcerated. Even this muddy light made her eyes ache. She took a moment for them to adjust, orienting herself. Her cell had moved by a few degrees. Barely noticeable, unless you’d been pacing it for months on end. She calmed her breathing and pushed herself off the wall. Her balance felt odd, worse than zero G and she loosened her knees to compensate. Whatever had happened, she needed to be ready. She needed her eyes to be ready.

–excerpt from Phoenix Rises my collaborative write-a-thon project.

What I Write

Speculative fiction. There’s a rumour that I like to destroy the world, but you can’t believe everything you hear. I’ve been quite nice lately.


Novel: Goddess of the North

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

1) To write at least 800 words of new fiction a day during the six weeks Clarion West workshop.

2) To post a twitter progress report once a week to ensure sponsors are kept up to date.

Fundraising Goals

I have no idea how much I can raise, but I’d like to follow the crowdfunding idea of offering incentives for sponsors.

1$ or more (Unlimited) Progress
All sponsors receive my weekly progress reports. This will be to blog/twitter, but if you don’t mind a weekly email, please indicate & I’ll email you.

$10 (Unlimited) Sample
Sponsors who donate 10$ or more will receive via email a sample of the words written that week. This can be selected up to four times, for a maximum of 4 different samples (e.g., a sponsor who donates $30-39.99 will receive 3 writing samples; $40-49.99 gets you 4 samples).

$50 (0 of 3) Tuckerisation
Name a minor character – a name, personality, etc to be added into the novel I’m working on. I’ll work with you to ensure the character fits the setting and genre (Sci-fi). But if you want yourself (or a person of your choice with their consent) immortalised – now is the time!