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Holly Barton

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I daydream


about fracturing the body

void of pain

No screaming

No wincing

just an invasive exploration

of my sense of touch

and what the inside of your skin

feels like.


about rolling back the epidermis

of your forearm

to bare pulsating tissues,

I apply a single finger to each


and caressing down the wrist,

displacing blood under my


I revel in the soft pressure

as each segment collapses

under my subtle weight.


I dream about

shucking off layers of my thighs

to expose my sinews

and pluck out taut and pliant


that reverberate up my bones

and knock my knees together

so they click to the beat.


of feeling every part of my body

rushing to just underneath my skin,

and the blood bubbling

only a pinch away

from popping.


about holes in the back of my hands

black cavities the size of dimes

that I can stretch and peer into

but never see the other side of,

when I turn my hands over,

bugs and dirt fall out

and I am clean.

What I Write

I’m a relatively new writer and I’m still finding my voice and style. But I really like science fiction, fantasy, weird fiction, speculative fiction, mythology, and folklore.

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

I want to write one new piece of flash fiction each week.