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There is a story among my people, one we all know by heart.

Long before our spoken word began, the ocean was a dark and violent place. The Titans ruled the seas, monsters that sundered the land with their every step, engulfing entire tribes as they fed. Those they did not consume were subjugated, quaking in constant fear for their lives, meer minnows among carnivores.

The small folk cowered, our ancestors too weak to do anything but submit. But there were those who fought, who refused subjugation. The sharks did, as was their nature, fighting even as they were slaughtered wholesale. The orcas, too, did their best to protect their own, and perhaps it was in that time that their pods first befriended ours.

But it is the whales who we have to thank. The wise, gentle giants of the seas, who drove back the vile Titans with song and magic. They who could have crushed us easily instead chose to help us, to forever seal away the power of the monsters deep within the trenches. It was they who taught us to sing, to swim. They who taught us how to live—how to thrive.

It is a pretty story, one with a happy ending. How much of it is true we will never know, for if such Titans ever existed, they did so in a time long before ours, in an eon so far gone as to be a fantasy in itself.

But, some nights, when storms rage across the surface waters, churning the waves and currents into a frantic rush, a quiet part of me deep within my heart wonders if they are watching. Waiting, listening, slumbering. If, someday, the Titans may rise from the deep, and reclaim the ocean they had once considered theirs.

I wonder if we could ever face such a foe.

The ocean is our home, our haven. It is our entire world, without which we are lost and stranded. But its darkest reaches have never been charted, left only for those departed for the next world. Most, if asked, would say they are only a myth, a tale told to children to frighten them in their beds.

Will we ever truly know?

Do we even want to?

What I Write

I mostly write fantasy, though I do take an interest in scifi from time to time. I currently have one big fantasy series in the works that I’m taking a temporary break from to try something new.

I like to dream up new worlds with a twist to them, then plop seemingly ordinary characters in to see how they handle themselves. I like to wonder how worlds and environments shape culture, and the way people see themselves and each other.

I’m still a rookie, but I’m eager to learn and practice. I put a bit of myself in each story I write and I hope that makes them more meaningful – to me, and to my readers.


No publications yet, but I’m getting there with every day of practice!

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

I don’t have a specific word count in mind, but I would like to devote at least 30 minutes to an hour every day to write. My personal goal is to simply make writing a part of my routine, and get consistent practice in.

Fundraising Goals

I don’t have any goals in mind. If anyone wants to donate, please donate to Clarion West for all the hard work they do for writers everywhere.