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From a novelette I’ve been revising for far too long:
Lafre disrobes, sits down on the edge of the wet room’s immersion plank, and inserts the twin hose plugs into his nostrils. He inhales deeply, testing the seals, then swings his legs up and stretches out flat. The plank’s surface responds to his presence, conforming to the contours of his body until pressure is equal at every point and he feels that he is floating on a still pond. He closes his eyes and finger-taps his unique initiation rhythm. The plank descends through the floor into the tank below. Lafre braces for the touch of the amniosol, expecting cold. But when it reaches him, the viscous liquid is warm and he hardly perceives a change. 
The neuroactive substance closes over Lafre’s face and then the room enters his mind and Lafre revisits his long abandoned egosphere. Little has changed. He lounges against pillows in the bow of a small rowboat, floating lazily in the current of a mud-banked river. The afternoon sun sprays shafts of warmth through a palisade of willow shoots. This is Lafre’s entry point, his preferred default: simply messing about in a boat. 
He is due to meet several dozen of his parents soon, but he’s given himself time to acclimate. At his feet, in the stern of the craft is a picnic basket. He sits forward, opens it, and extracts a stack of envelopes—the accumulated messages of his previous life’s social connections. All of the demands and invitations and affections and distresses of the thousands of friends, peers, lovers, and competitors that he left, without backward glance, on that spring morning when he returned to Camelle’s home bearing a wilted violet.
He scans the headers of the first hundred, setting a dozen aside for later perusal, tossing the rest overboard, where they sink into the river and swim away, silvery trout flashing in the depths. He can always reel them in again should need arise. He reaches into the basket for another handful and his fingers meet something soft, delicate, and clammy. He withdraws a wilted violet. Tied to it is a tiny scroll. He breaks its wax seal and it unrolls across his sky, a hand-written message that sings its words to him in the voice of Camelle.
Lafre reads the scroll once, twice, then tears it once, twice, a hundred times, and holding the pieces in his hands, allows a breeze to carry them, a swarm of moths, into the sun.

What I Write

Speculative fiction that could be mistaken for something else (mostly science fiction, some fantasy, a bit of horror… all on the literary end of the respective spectra).


“Nine Instance of Rain”
October 1st, 2014

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

To finish revising the novelette from which the above excerpt was taken, and then to send it… somewhere… to someone.

Fundraising Goals

To raise a staggeringly IMMENSE amount of money for Clarion West.

And this year I’m offering the most amazing sponsorship rewards ever imagined. Some of them are quite literally out of this world (scroll past the $47 level).

$11 sponsorship reward:
A swig from my flask the next time you see me at a social event at which it would be acceptable for me to be carrying said flask.

$23 sponsorship reward:
I will draw something on your arm with a permanent marker (which you must supply) the next time we meet—unless you specifically instruct me not to.

$47 sponsorship reward:
I will draw something on the arm of someone you designate the next time I see them—unless they, upon being informed of the gift you’ve chosen to bestow on them, specifically instruct me not to.

$67 sponsorship reward:
Any single book that was never written. You may collect it, at your convenience, from the Library of Dream. Lucien the librarian will be waiting to guide you through the stacks. Transportation to and from said library not included.

$97 sponsorship reward:
I will personally accompany you and cook all of your meals during you next camping trip in Narnia. Transportation to and from Narnia not included.

$163 sponsorship reward:
A series of nineteen 47-minute meditation sessions, guided personally by the High Lama, Father Conway. For scheduling, please inquire with your receptionist upon arrival at Shangri-La. Transportation to and from Shangri-La not included.

$317 sponsorship reward:
All-inclusive 9-day river cruise down the Anduin. Departs from Rauros. Optional Minas Tirith day trip (from Osgiliath) included. Return transportation from Pelargir to Rauros by oliphaunt train available upon request. Transportation to and from Middle Earth not included.

$563 sponsorship reward:
A very good bottle of wine (from this world).