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Schrodinger’s Eels

When they are young, they appear out of the depths of the sky. They drift down at night, feather-light and translucent, delicate as the stuff of dandelion clocks. They ride the currents of the air and settle slowly, meandering.

If they land on the ground, they die. Their soft, delicate bodies wither and flutter away like decayed leaves. The lucky ones reach the ocean, where they sink beyond our sight. Quickly, they are lost to us again.

Within those other depths, nearer but more alien, they transform.

They lengthen and grow strong, coiling and uncoiling amidst the shadows of the deep. At some point, they become the creatures of legend: Kraken, Tiamat, Leviathan. Their sizes swell. They are without predator or peer. At last, they encircle the world, bound it from nose to tail. Ouroboros, autophage; they devour themselves and become trapped within an infinite circle, far below the reach of light or human knowledge.

And yet, somehow, they return. Every eon, the young ones fall again, making their inevitable, ineffable pilgrimage to the sea. The world loops, an infinite torus, in which the monsters of the deep can somehow break free of their shackles of self and pass through the crucible-pressures of the abyss, downward and upward like Dante following Virgil through the spiral point of hell. Somehow, through this passage that defies logic and imagination, they break free into the vacuum of space, and are reborn.

What I Write

I write science fiction and fantasy short stories, and I’m working on an adult, secondary-world fantasy novel about crises of conscience, the shadow of a long war, and demons that sow chaos.



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Writing Goals

I hope to finish a polished draft of my novel this summer.