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Made some more progress on the chapter before Write-a-thon ended and have even more direction in how the story progresses. Also, looks like I won that contest by default. No one else entered. LOL. Have to wait until admin contacts and discusses what is to be done. Anyway, all in all, a good write-a-thon.


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From The Night Economy (tentatively titled)

This is still very much a work in progress and what I’ll primarily be working on this write-a-thon.

She wasn’t exactly a security guard at the lot, not really a superintendent either. Officially an attendant, the contact person should any tenant need assistance. The night attendant. So far a quiet night. The rain that had just fallen on the street amplified the sound of the cars that occasionally went by. It soothed Chais, provided her with an ambient nose that would never be found in any relaxation app because their creators neglected to consider the sounds of the city soothing. But it was a sound Chais had grown to love over the past ____ years since she arrived in ____. Not exactly a lullaby as she was a nocturnal creature but an apt backdrop she’d come to appreciate as a Darkling.

Chais put down her book and raised the security bar to let in the familiar [vehicle]. She checked the time as if ____’s arrival wasn’t enough to signal she was almost at the end of her shift. She’d packed most of her belongings by the time ____ made it over to relieve her from the booth.

“Evening, Chais,” ____ said. “Looks like not a lot of action tonight.”

“Yeah, same old, same old. ____ ordered enough Italian for two so guessing he convinced somebody to stay the night in that van he keeps parked on the top floor.”

____ laughed far too loudly. “Well, I guess some wine and weed worth it to put up with his skinny ass. I bet he–”

The sound of the ____ cut ____ off. Chais pulled out the ticket from the slot. The big red print signified a delinquent spot that needed to be removed.

“Want me to take care of that since you supposed to be clocked out?”

“Nah, I’ll get it on my way out. They like non-payments removed right away. Have a good night.”

Chais looked at the ticket curiously as she made her way toward the back of the lot, nearly empty as many of them were out in the night. The lower floors rarely if ever defaulted on rent. If payment wasn’t in by deadline, they had 24 hours to pay triple the regular rent. If not, they defaulted and their spot immediately given to a waitlister. And there was always a waitlister.

A couple of cars were still parked near the back to Chais’ surprise. But her stomach sank when she saw the spot with the delinquent account. Not because the vehicle was still there and it was now up to her to take it to the yard but because she knew she’d been set up to find it.

“Oh, Lucinda.”

What I Write

I write in all genres including speculative genres. I mostly write about paranormal phenomena in this area, but I write in any genre. I am currently writing a dystopian novel, an urban fantasy story of undetermined length, and revamping a novel into a mini-series screenplay. I still have about 10 more story ideas including romance novellas and other short stories/novelettes.


Strange Horizons


WisCon Chronicles, Vol. 12

Fireside Fiction

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

I plan to continue with my #MorningWriting by rewriting and revising my novella in progress. I still use the hashtag to track my progress. However, I am also trying to be realistic about my time constraints due to work. So far I am only hoping to finish at least one chapter draft of a WIP. If I’m lucky, I might do more.

Fundraising Goals

I join the Write-a-thon each year to help Clarion West reach its goal. I never expect sponsors because there are other writers here more consistent with their work. However, if I do get a sponsor, I’ll make more of an attempt to reach a realistic goal and have something to present to them.