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They all see it’s not an ordinary ax. The haft, it’s normal enough — two and a half feet of hardwood, worn smooth by years of heavy use. Scorch marks scar its length, along with stains from sweat and other less honest work. The jungle-fire stories about this wicked ax have roamed farther than Samuel has. A lot of men died by its blade, bums and yeggs and devils all.

At the sight of the ax blade, even big Choc shrinks back. The wedge of dark metal gleams in the twilight of the boxcar, the blade as keen and deadly as if it had just come fresh out of the blacksmith’s forge.


“Most folks never get so easy a look up-close,” Samuel glares pointedly at Hank. “Especially mouthy punks.”

What I Write

dark fantasy, weird science fiction, horror


Mostly short fiction, including:

“The Blood We Spill Never Stains,” Endless Ages, edited by Jaym Gates, Onyx Path, 2016“We All Look Like Harrie,” XIII, edited by Marc Teppo, Resurrection House, 2015“The Forest Also Remembers,” By Faerie Light, edited by Scott Gable, Broken Eye Books, December 2013“Ain’t Much Different’n Rabbits,” What Fates Impose, edited by Nayad Monroe, Alliteration Ink, September 2013“The Fate of Falling Stars,” Pathfinder Tales, February 2013“The Parting Glass,” Lightspeed Magazine, December 2011 


My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

I’m working on short fiction this year. I have a couple of tie-in stories and an original novella in the works — and a new novel on deck! Sponsor $25 to Clarion West through my page and I’ll include you in one of these stories — and kill you off in dramatic fashion! (I warned you, I write dark fantasy and horror.. hah!) If you’d rather live, that’s okay, too 🙂 Thanks for supporting this wonderful organization.

Fundraising Goals

I’d like to raise at least $100 for Clarion West, but any amount helps continue this program for future generations of writers.