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“I’ll show you,” Leon mumbled as tears tracked down his skinsuit’s cheeks.His fangs emerged. He allowed his claws to piece the thin skin of his fingertips. Now there was only the decision of where to bite. Humans, like Reptilians, had critical arteries in the thighs, the wrists, the neck. He’d seen the vampire movies where the undead tenderly drained their lovers and prey via delicate wrists or a bared neck. Leon had never asked Graylen how vampires really did it, and besides, he didn’t have the right kind of fangs for blood sucking. 

Reptilian fangs were made for tearing meat off the bone and digging nutritious organs from sheaths of fat and muscle. He couldn’t provide Sarah Barnes with a gentle death no matter how much he wanted to.


What I Write

dark fantasy, weird science fiction, horror. monsters are people, too!


mostly short fiction (so far). Recent stuff includes:

“Miles and Miles and Miles,” Lightspeed July 2019, The Mosquito Fleet, Broken Eye Books, ongoing, “The Merman and the Maelstrom,” Nisaba Press, 2019

more at:

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

I’m writing a novel in collaboration with another CW alum, Emily C. Skaftun! Everyone knows that high society lizard people rule the world. But what do middle class Reptilians do? We’re very close to finishing a first draft, so the write-a-thon should help get us there!

Fundraising Goals

I’d like to raise at least $200 for Clarion West, but any amount helps continue this program for future generations of writers. The novel needs some background characters fighting/getting eaten by evil lizard people, so anyone who donates $25 to either me or Emily can be part of the action — or most likely on the menu!