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My name is Irene Sanchez. I am a Xicana, Mama, Poet, and Writer. More information about my work can be found here

I have two blogs:

I write mostly poems, but have published fiction/short stories and freelance on occasion. I just completed Huntington Voices Teacher Institute at the Huntington Library (where Octavia Butler’s papers are archived). I also just finished the VONA writers workshop where I participated in the Poetry workshop with Willie Perdomo. When I am not writing or teaching high school and college ( I have more than one job often),  I am with my five year old son.

What I Write

I write poetry, non-fiction, fiction, and essays (freelance). I also blog and have dabbled with academic writing mostly on education related topics.


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My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

I will edit one non-fiction essay.

I will write/finish 3 poems.

I will write one science fiction story.

I will research places to submit all of these new work to.

Fundraising Goals

A good 100 dollars to Clarion West would be great!