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What I Write

Speculative fiction about love and relationships, gender, and the body.


Visit https://jaesteinbacher.com/publications/

My Write-a-thon Goals

Fundraising Goals

It would mean a lot to me if you would consider supporting Clarion West!

$10: I’ll do a 10-minute caricature of you (likely done on paper but sent digitally). You’ll need to provide photo references.

$20: You’ll receive a 3-card spread tarot reading, via Zoom, timed at no longer than 30 minutes for posing your question and explanations.

$50: You’ll receive a piece of approximately 500-1500 words that uses up to 2 of 3 TV tropes you provide me with. No promises it will knock your socks off, but I’ll have fun with it! (This will be sent electronically; in honor of Yoon Ha Lee’s 2018 worldbuilding exercise with students.)

$100: I’ll use your name (full, first, or last, your choice) in a story, either as a character, place, or some other fun nugget. (Totally stealing from Emma Torzs CW’17 here.)