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July 26: 15,311 words done.

July 20: 9,815 words done.

July 19: 7,375 words done.

July 7: 546 words done.

On July 6 I finished the 87 page screenplay of Wedding Day. I repurposed a lot of the scenes from an earlier version from two years ago, so it didn’t take as long as I thought. I’ll now work on the novel based on the screenplay. So… Novel based on screenplay. Screenplay based on short story. But… novel not based on short story. Got that? 🙂

June 28: 18 pages done.

June 27: 10 pages done.

June 21: I start today! Goal is a finished 105 page screenplay

What I Write

What I Write

Science fiction and fantasy. Short stories, novels, and screenplays.


Check out my bibliography here.

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

During the Write-a-thon, I will be writing a screenplay adaptation of my short story, “Wedding Day,” which appeared in The End is Night anthology. Blumhouse pictures has already bought the story, and this will be the screenplay that my producer/partner and I submit to them.

Fundraising Goals

I’d like to raise at least $250 for Clarion. I’ll match every contribution dollar-for-dollar up to that amount, but would obviously be thrilled if people contributed more.