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A pinpoint of whiteness wavers on the edge of fadeout somewhere leftwise, fluttering in the current of dark silk.

He swims toward it now, a singularity cutting smoothly through the billowing, black cumulus. The white flutter approaches in pulses like a beacon . . . and engulfs him.

He’s running in an adult body, a body that belongs to Jonesy Ripka. He has strong muscles, a quick mind. He hurdles a pile of trash, speeds past a circle of junkies, ducks into another alley and checks for exits. The bitch is still back there somewhere. He decides to risk a peep behind him and flashes a glance over his right shoulder. Was that her two blocks back, behind the garbage? He figures seventy-five percent surety. At least.

What I Write

Excerpted from a collaborative cyberpunk novella about Sly — a boy who has part of his brain replaced after a near-fatal accident, and Deadwise — a cybernetically-enhanced woman set on killing the growing personality inside Sly’s head. Originally appeared in Amazing Stories in 1992.


Jak has authored seven published novels and many short stories under his own name. He has also ghost-written novels and edited manuscripts by other authors. He is currently the Managing Editor of Per Aspera Press, the science fiction imprint of Ragnarok Publications.

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

This summer I am working on _Deadwise_ – the first book in a set of near future, sf thrillers written in collaboration with Jonathan Bond. These are set in the same universe as our novella, which you can read for free here: http://jakkoke.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/deadwise.pdf

Fundraising Goals

I ask that anyone who can afford it to donate $10 or more to Clarion West. Anyone so doing will get a free copy of the Deadwise book when it’s done.