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One year, autumn just didn’t come. The season switched from summer to winter without hint or warning. We’d all been eagerly awaiting the rust- and gold-colored leaves, the sharp blue skies, but they never came, not that year. We went from hazy summer to cold, stiff winter and frost-covered lawns in the blink of an eye.

    There was no migration, no magnificent leaf-falling. It was just this: one day, the trees all bore their summer-green leaves; the next (the Autumnal Equinox) they did not. Birdsong was abruptly culled from the soundtracks of our lives. Things had ended, and no one had witnessed their passing. We felt robbed.

    I’ll admit, for the first few days, we were so unnerved that no one talked about it. We acted as though everything was normal, and that was how I found out adults play games of pretend just like kids do.

    Although we’d lost Autumn, we didn’t lose any Time. September passed into October without comment, hitch, or mutation, and all the subsequent months stayed right where they belonged, too.

    Some of us worried that maybe the equinoxes were cursed, permanently. (Hadn’t Jo Farrales’ daughter disappeared on the Spring Equinox five, no, six years ago?) What if Spring jumped ship, too, the way Autumn had? But no, in this respect, as in many others, Autumn was unique among the seasons.

    At some point, someone remarked how funny it was, that Autumn was the capricious one this time. Wasn’t that more characteristic of Spring? Spring was the time for heartbeat romances, for volatile whimsicality and rebirth, but not always in the form you expected—or desired. Spring was the antsy one—why was it Autumn who had wandered off?


What I Write

Speculative fiction, fantasy, magical realism. Currently working on a novel set in a different world where queer people and magic aren’t socially accepted.

I also write and sell murder mystery games on Etsy (which is my “website” link since I don’t yet have a personal website.)

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

1. Finish outline for the second draft of my novel(la)

2. Start working on the new scenes for the novel(la)