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Week 1: ~1000 words/day

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The Tear Collector spent the next several days scouring the written histories in preparation. He could predict the criticism: he should just go for the jugular straight out of the gate. The time he’d save would make for an impressive presentation. But Mosaic’s upbringing, rise to power, and eventual exile presented a unique opportunity to harvest an unprecedented level of raw emotion. Besides, if he knew his subject as he purported, he’d only get one chance. A single slip up and the Rage Collector would be receiving his tears in a jar.
The thought pulled him from a passage detailing how Mosaic’s own father gave him fifty public lashes for stealing a coin from his purse. The Tear Collector wondered how much his own tears would be worth. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d shed any.




“Afiya’s Song.” The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

“Two Sides To Every Story.” KYSO Flash

“The Tear Collector.” Crossed Genres

“The Conversation.” Plasma Frequency Magazine


Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

1) A 1,000 words a day

2) Finish first draft of novel for interested editor…two years later

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