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Beneath the Weeping Moon

A blast of frigid rain nearly blinded Tristana as she frantically dug into the elm’s unyielding bark. The storm sweeping down from the mountain would soon snuff out the last bit of twilight and make it nearly impossible to finish carving the runes of warding.

The knife almost slipped in the driving rain, so Tristana gripped the handle with both hands and finished the spiral design just as the gale brought down night and a torrent with it.

A hand touched her shoulder and she whirled around, her small ceremonial blade held before her in defense.

“Well done, child,” the arch-priestess said. Though she was more than a half century older than Tristana, she seemed impervious to the cold wetness that was sinking into the younger priestess’s bones.

“Do you remember when I broke off a branch of this tree?” Tristana asked. “You were so angry.”

“I’m sorry I was so cross with you as a child,” Nieve said. “Fate has a sense of humor it would seem.”

Tristana stopped, realizing this may be their last moment together. “It was one of the few times you ever yelled at me.”

Nieve took a close look and nodded her approval. “I can only hope this will slow them down if we fail.”

Tristana doubted the glyphs would hold; the roiling shadow army of the warlock had already burst through many magical barriers. But she kept silent.

Lightning forked across the sky a few miles away. Perhaps their luck had begun to change ever so slightly.

“You should join the others at the gate,” Nieve said. “I must make final preparations.”

The sacred grove stood several hundred feet above the Amber Wood and was protected on three sides by steep cliffs. A narrow set of switchbacks led down the western hillside to a large wooden gatehouse. As much as Tristana took comfort in the fact that it was a highly defensible position, she also realized they were trapped.

What I Write

By day, I work as a technical and grant writer for local government. By night, I transform into an intrepid wordslinger who writes mostly speculative fiction with literary flourishes. (Literary delusions?) I also enjoy writing tech and lifestyle articles for Pacific Northwest magazines such as 425 and South Sound.



425 Magazine
South Sound Magazine
Kintsugi  (creative nonfiction collection of survivor stories)

Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

Since I signed up a little late for the write-a-thon, my writing goals are to finish two magazine articles for 425 Magazine, edit a 4,000 word short story for the Cascade Writer’s Workshop, and finish my outline and character sketches for my upcoming fantasy novel.

Fundraising Goals

Since this is my first year, whatever people will be kind enough to send me.