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The blackness of the pool parted for her as she rose to its surface, as if it had begun pushing her out of its depths the moment she had the thought that she wished to leave. It was never easy communicating with her father but at least it was always peaceful. She stepped from the pool onto the tiled surface that surrounded it her body as dry as when she had gone in. The pool was calm and as still as a pane of glass but she could tell that it never stopped moving. It was as alive as she was, as any of her sisters were or anything else in the universe. It was the universe. It was her father, and he had just spoken to her. He had just told her that there would soon be a reckoning, a chance for atonement, for a wrong to be given a chance to be righted and that it just might mean the end of all she had ever known. She was to inform her sisters so that they might prepare for the end of time,at least time as they currently knew it.
Standing in front of one of her many bookcases, she pulled a massive tome from the shelf, agitatedly flipping to the page she wanted. Why wasn’t it there. It should be right there. She moved to the computer and navigated her files to the same spot in the timeline. Nothing. There was no mention of what her father had just now told her anywhere.

What I Write

Speculative fiction. I’m very interested in how the things we invent affect the lives we inhabit.

I’m fascinated by the interconnectedness of all things and their relationship to whatever it was that created them


Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

To write everyday. To be able to find my voice and tune it. To find the motivation to write that has been missing from my life. To complete at least three short stories.

Fundraising Goals

Raising any amount would be great, but I’m trying for at least 200$.