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Writing Sample

I woke up in a angrier mood than usual, which isn’t exactly a new spectacle in any aspect but it did usually govern my overall “Chi”  for the day. I quickly stretched and blinked several times then went about to get ready for the day. It was only about 9:05 AM so I had about twenty or so minutes before I really needed to head out the door and head to work, so I made myself some scrambled eggs and bacon. An oddly hearty meal for me since cooking in the morning is quite a rare event. I had began to cook meals regularly as of late, instead of just ordering out or going out most of the time. I couldn’t remember as to why I had so recently gotten into the habit of cooking so regularly, but it did feel somewhat comforting somehow though agitating as well weirdly enough. In that moment I halted, time halted, existence itself had halted for a slight moment, and then everything returned to normal. It was as if I had missed some super obvious clue or object that was mandatory to know or remember. It was on the tip of my tongue; figuratively speaking, and I felt the need to figure it out. The moment and feeling passed quickly enough though and since I often found myself needing to remember the most random things I let it go.

I drove to work, again feeling quite angrier than usual but with no idea as to why or how to quell the feeling. I arrived at work, promptly got out of the car at Nine-Thirty; just in time. It then occurred to me that I didn’t and wasn’t suppose to be in till Ten o’clock and that I was quite early. Slightly frustrated but already at work I decided to head inside instead of standing outside. Once I reached the door I opened it and held it open for. There was no one with me at the moment and so holding open the door was quite random, and yet I knew I had held it open for. Again everything stopped for a moment then returned moments later. And again I had the inescapable feeling that I was missing something so obvious just outside the reach of my touch. Holding the door however was a natural reaction of mine as I was quite polite so I again let it go. I sat in my cubicle and began to listen to an audiobook on my phone.

What I Write

I tend to write Science-Fiction as it allows for A LOT more creative freedom and its all possible/plausible. I have a short story series of sorts vaguely based off of dreams I’ve witnessed throughout my years, but as of late I have been dabbling into pseudo-science genre to broaden my horizons as it were.

Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

-40 minutes spent writing, 4 times a week.

-At least 1 weeks spent on each the following Titles: Void, Me, ME and me.

-Completely finishing at least one of the titles mentioned above.

-Having a bit of fun. (Only a bit though)

-Immediately posting them after the writing session.


Fundraising Goals

Raise whatever I can for a good cause.