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thanks for checking out my page, for this years write-a-thon i will be doing a six part story one part for each week. this is my first write-a-thon so bare with me on the lose bolts. come check out this little story and please donate, anything is appreciated.


the first part of my story has been completed, iam having a little trouble understanding the format to this write-a-thon but for now you can check out the the first part of my new story on my website Jaimesgalindo.com i’d also like to thank you guys for your donations, it is much appreciated. so go check out my work.

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Group Project: due tomorrow
A group project due tomorrow, my group and I are the expert procrastinators
We milk the sweetness of time, and all time is gone borrowed
Tomorrow comes, my group is gone…
I stand alone in front of class, a sinking ship, a sync-less mind
But then the touch of death, a brash flash of brilliance and 
It comes, the idea and yes!
You fuckers shall pay I know exactly what I’ll say
And i begin a tirade the likes, unseen before
I belt the “N!” word – I belt the “C!” word – I belt the “F!” word
And I say that god is dead and fuck the world!
I say lets start a riot and I pull the fire alarm off its hinges
Water rains on us all, chaos ensues in dripping scrambling wetness
The classroom storms and stomps and the tirade rages
The girls and boys screaming, they hate me
I stand alone Cold and wet
but I am no longer worried
about my grade.

What I Write

i mostly write short stories as i am preparing to write a novel. Jaimegalindobss@yahoo.com for any additional info

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

hey everybody my name is jaime and this is my first write-a-thon. hearing about it made it sound like a good idea, i find its always easier for me when i have a deadline i must meet to complete a story so as so i thought it would be nice to have a deadline to meet and finish a new shorty story here. every friday i will release a part of the story untill the six weeks is up and hopefully we will have done something cool.

Fundraising Goals

as far the fundraising goes i really dont have a goal, just donate what you can and support your friendly neighborhood artist. happy reading and wine drank’in.