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7/20: I finished the first draft of a new short story last week during Rashida’s writing sprints, so that goal to write at least one is accomplished!

At start: Part 2 of my novel currently stands at about 19,500 words. Part 1 was 41k, so I’m maybe halfway there? Excited to be joining the Write-a-Thon for positive peer pressure and a way to get to know the Clarion community better!

What I Write

What I Write

While my background is in playwriting, in the last couple of years I have added prose to my repertoire. In that time I’ve written 4 science fiction short stories and I’ve started working on my first novel, which is fantasy.


My first short story, “Time for Such a Word” was published in Utopia Science Fiction’s Oct 2019 issue.

My playwriting work can be found on NPX:

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

This is my first Write-a-thon! Goals include:

– finish Part 2 (of 3) of my first novel

– write at least one new flash fiction story and join one of the critiques