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Yawning, I slipped down the cheap black-framed sunglasses which I found essential for day work. I had a couple of stops to make at local pawns before crawling to my nice dark apartment.

The first three shops had nothing worthy but in the fourth I’d struck pure silver.

The door buzzed me in. “Hey Cat,” the owner of A-1 Pawn, greeted me.

“Got anything new and interesting, Gerald?” Jerry was what everyone else called him, but he liked Gerald, and since he was making me money I thought that much respect was due.

“Some guy brought crap in. Not sure there’s much here, some silver coins, silverware and low carat gold.”

“I want to see the silver.” He had the tray ready for me, I’d been very specific about my interests,. I had nothing to hide. What I was looking for he couldn’t see.

What I Write

Fantasy – Adult/YA/MG

Contemporary Women’s Fiction/Romance



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