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Making good progress on the revision I’m working on. Hitting my goal of at least 5 out of 7 days per week so far, and most weeks exceeded it. And having fun! And distracting myself from the pandemic and all the rest, at least for an hour or two at a time…

What I Write

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Becky listened to the crashing surf. Each wave shifted stones of various sizes, tapping out a rhythm of random clunks. In her hands, she held a perfectly smooth, egg-shaped stone. It was a beautiful red-orange color, speckled with dots of black, silver, and gold. Warm, almost hot to the touch. Brimming with sunshine, she supposed.

“Please mommy, can I keep it?” Mason asked.

What I Write

Mostly near-future sci-fi and/or fantasy with social and ecological themes. These days I’ve been fiddling with a new genre, let’s call it “altruism punk.” Good people being good to each other… Because there’s too much of the opposite in the real world.



My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

My goals for this year’s Write-a-thon are to write at least five out of seven days each week. I plan to revise at least one story, and hopefully have time to work on a second and/or draft a new one.

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