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Jesse Buerk

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Becky listened to the crashing surf. Each wave shifted stones of various sizes, tapping out a rhythm of random clunks. In her hands, she held a perfectly smooth, egg-shaped stone. It was a beautiful red-orange color, speckled with dots of black, silver, and gold. Warm, almost hot to the touch. Brimming with sunshine, she supposed.

What I Write

Mostly near-future sci-fi and/or fantasy with social and ecological themes. These days I’ve been fiddling with a new genre, let’s call it “altruism punk.” Good people being good to each other… Because there’s too much of the opposite in the real world.


Something, I hope…

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

My goals for this year’s Write-a-thon are to write at least five out of seven days each week. I plan to revise at least one story, and hopefully have time to work on a second story, or maybe draft a new one.

Fundraising Goals

$200, but I plan to keep it low-key and focus on writing, not fundraising.