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I finished a novel two years ago but after work shopping it I realized this one novel needed to be three. I am currently reshaping the first “arc” into it’s own standalone story.

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Blood soaked the crumbled remains of stone pillars. It pooled in thick, dark puddles that reflected the shimmering glow from hundreds of colorful mushrooms. Strings of flesh had joined the hanging moss along the stone wall, and a large chunk of something hung caught in the broken bars of the closest cell door.

She was still there, crouched on what was left of the mercenary’s chest, pulling away bits from the awful and slipping them into her mouth. Her chewing was quiet, almost dainty, as if she were at tea with her friends, snacking on cakes of flour and fig. Pieces of lung went between her lips like plump dates dipped in gravy.

Malak took a few steps forward and her eyes lifted. They met his gaze and she froze; a slice of intestine halfway to her mouth.

He stopped moving and put up his hands. The last thing he wanted to do was frighten her.

She was very small, but from the swell of her breasts, to the curve of her hips, all the way to the graceful lines of her ankles, she was a woman. Her hair was dirty and matted, but long and thick. Her skin was the pale, shimmering pink of a deep-sea pearl, dotted with tiny blue stones the color of the ocean. Her eyes had been deep pools of black during her attack, but now they were gray, almost human. They shone brightly in the blue-pink light, watching him with something that was neither fear nor apprehension, only curiosity.

What I Write

Dark fantasy, grimdark fantasy, horror, and a little romance on the side.


My Write-a-thon Goals

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Get this first draft finished! Get it to the point where I can hand it to my writer’s group and say “I did it! I did the thing!”