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Excerpt from “Collectors”; the full story is printed in Beecher’s Magazine issue 7 and available as a podcast at The Overcast.


My boyfriend and my boyfriend’s clone are fucking slowly on the couch in our apartment. I’ve been coding at my desk in the living room all morning, but when my boyfriend came home an hour ago with the clone I said I didn’t mind, if I could watch. Every so often they move together, and my boyfriend’s clone says in my boyfriend’s voice, “Oh, Miguel.” I’m not sure what my boyfriend calls his clone.


Miguel is in debt, like every artist in our generation, but in more debt than me. He just sold the rights to one of his multimedia collections after he got a piece into a show in the Brooklyn Museum. I guess this is how he’s celebrating; clones are cheaper than they used to be, though we don’t know anyone who has one. The clone is his property, with his likeness, but he has the accent Miguel’s family lost two generations ago. As long as Miguel pays his rent, I don’t care what he does, or who he fucks.

What I Write

Speculative fiction about love and relationships, gender, and the body.


Visit https://jaesteinbacher.com/publications/

My Write-a-thon Goals

Fundraising Goals

It would mean a lot to me if you would consider supporting Clarion West!


$10: I’ll do a 10-minute caricature of you (likely done on paper but sent digitally). You’ll need to provide photo references.


$20: You’ll receive a 3-card spread tarot reading, via Zoom, timed at no longer than 30 minutes for posing your question and explanations.


$50: You’ll receive a piece of approximately 500-1500 words that uses up to 2 of 3 TV tropes you provide me with. No promises it will knock your socks off, but I’ll have fun with it! (This will be sent electronically; in honor of Yoon Ha Lee’s 2018 worldbuilding exercise with students.)


$100: I’ll use your name (full, first, or last, your choice) in a story, either as a character, place, or some other fun nugget. (Totally stealing from Emma Torzs CW’17 here.)