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Where are you and I in those moments before the flawed magic works? Hovering somewhere, inside ourselves or above our bodies? Placidly dreaming, like we did so many times last summer as we listened to cassettes of The Clash and Eurythmics in the woods by your house? Or screaming silently, saying, “We didn’t know it would be like this when we gathered the raven’s feather and the fox’s clote. We were afraid to cut the words in our palms, didn’t know that pricking our fingers wasn’t enough blood to preserve our bodies.


“This is not what we wanted, not what we meant to do. Take us back to our letters and our mums and dads. Take us back, even if they beat us and tear us apart and send us away.


“Take us back, even though life will not cure us of this love for one another.”


But the flawed magic is working, and as the rain slows, the questing worms place their soft mouths against us. The beetles tick across our hands and legs, beneath our clothes. We feel little parts of ourselves lost in them, and remember the spell words we uttered.


Read the rest at http://podcastle.org/story-texts/territory-by-julie-steinbacher/.

What I Write

A lot of SFF (but mostly SF) about love and relationships. Sometimes ethics. Occasional realist work. Sprinkles of YA.



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“Inter-Exo” (Terraform, 2015)
“Chimeras” (Escape Pod, 2015)
“Territory” (PodCastle, 2016)


“Blood Sausage,” 35 Women Up to No Good: Broad Knowledge (Upper Rubber Boot)

“Collectors,” Beecher’s Magazine

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Fundraising Goals

Can I raise at least $200 for Clarion West?

-If you pledge $5 or more, I’ll send you the opening to my novel.

-If you pledge $15 or more, you’ll get the opening to the novel as well as a quirky thank-you postcard, sent sometime within the next year.

-If you pledge $50 or more, I’ll send you the novel opening and the full draft of my next completed short story.

-If you pledge $100 or more, you’ll get the novel opening and I’ll write you a piece of flash or micro-fiction (or, who knows, even longer fiction), based on one (or more) of three prompts you provide.

-For $150 or more, same as previous tier but make that a piece of erotica, with the same guidelines.