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Week one

Fiction I’ve read this week:
None, unless you count certain Republican statements about the AHCA.

Fiction I’ve bought this week:
Silverblind, by Tina Connolly, and The Spoonbenders, by Daryl Gregory. I look forward to reading both of them real soon now.

Non-fiction I’ve read this week:
Oh, let’s skip everything that isn’t a book for now. I’m reading Uncle Tungsten, by Oliver Sacks, and I’m reading it slowly, a chapter or so at a time just before falling asleep.

Non-fiction I’ve written this week:
I have tweeted about 151 of the 200 (so far) Write-a-thon participants. That’s a lot of very terse writing.

If you’re in the Write-a-thon and I haven’t tweeted about you yet, or if there’s something new you want me to tweet or retweet, send email to writeathon@clarionwest.org.

Week two

I read and enjoyed the hell out of Spoonbenders.

About Me

Writing Sample

Migraine takes hold. Its teeth grip your head, and you have no control. It may grip lightly, just a grab and hold, teeth only marking the skin, not breaking it, not even bruising, or it may clamp down all the way through the skull as if we’re talking cartilage, not solid bone, but you’re not the one who knows or says or does anything; migraine is the king, the god, the thing controlling you for a few minutes, hours, days, until it’s done. You don’t own that clock, baby.

What I Write

I write when I have to.

Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

I am not a successful writer, but I am a very successful reader. I intend to buy and read several books during the Write-a-thon, many of them by other Write-a-thon participants.

Fundraising Goals

I’m going to tweet about every writer in the Write-a-thon (that is, every writer with a Twitter account known to me) at least once, maybe twice, to try to increase their visibility and encourage people to sponsor them. I’ve volunteered with Clarion West for mumblety-mump years; I’ve watched these writers struggle and grow, I have their books on my shelves, and I feel possessive about all of them, even the ones I’ve never met.