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It wasn’t the first time Kade had hacked the Venusian maintenance system, but it was one of the best. If he had to put a number on it (and there was very little he didn’t put a number on), he’d give it a 9.7. The 9.8 and 9.9 scores were reserved for something epic he hadn’t thought of yet, and 10.0 was for the day he would finally reprogram how his robotic body looked.

Still, assuming he didn’t get caught, his skills today would land him on a totally different planet. Maybe that deserved the 9.8 slot after all. If Tamika would hurry and get here, he could ask for her opinion.

Kade straightened against a metal door embedded in a burnt orange mountainside and flicked his left wing. A line of glowing text scrolled across his view: 5:03:34pm. He’d checked the time fifty-three seconds ago, but whenever he wasn’t reading data, he felt lost. The adults called it unhealthy. Healthy people could watch a sunset without calculating its luminosity every thirty seconds, but healthy people sounded boring. Besides, the numbers comforted him. Nobody got weirded out by seeing their own hands all the time, did they? His numbers were just that — an extra set of hands. Or wings. Or whatever.

What I Write

I tend towards the cute-but-creepy sort of writing. My protagonists are a bit on the crazy side, but I just like to think of them as quirky.


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Complete the first 50 pages of my new YA novel, POWER SHIFT.

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This is my first year giving the Write-a-thon a try, so I’ll be happy with whatever I get. ^_^