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Writing Sample

“I thought the soup would settle your stomach. Your cat came running as if I had something for him. He seemed quite put out that I didn’t.”
“Well, he’s a cat. Anything that’s not in his interest leaves him put out.” Ivy took a few sips of the broth. “It does help. Thank you.”
Janus regarded her curiously. “You seem sad.”
“I feel bad about Jackson. He wasn’t supposed to get hurt like that.”
“Sometimes, people just get hurt. Things like that aren’t always within our control.”
“What if it was within my control?”
 “Then you’d have to be very careful with such a power. Do you feel responsible for what happened to him?”
Ivy sighed. “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”
In answer, Janus touched a pluot in the fruit bowl that was going soft with age. Instantly, the color brightened, and the flesh of the fruit filled out plump and juicy. He smiled quizzically as Ivy’s mouth dropped open.
“Try me,” he said.
–excerpt from Shadebloom

What I Write

I guess my style of writing falls somewhere under the urban fantasy umbrella. I love fairy tales and mythology, so I try to sneak them in wherever I can. Dropping fantastic beasts into the real world is great fun. I have a lot of ideas bouncing around in my head, but whatever I work on day to day is whatever grabs my attention fir–ooh, shiny!



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Restless Beauty: A Fractured Faerie Tale

In this darkly comic reboot of a classic story, 16-year-old Princess Briony wakes up from an enchanted sleep to discover her home is covered in thorns, everyone is still asleep–and no Prince Charming. After a daring escape (and getting robbed by the notorious Gingerbread Man), she sets off on a quest to break the spell over Sturrybucque City. Joining her are:

-Ella, a runaway servant girl with a knack for playing pool

-Rapunzel, a singing inventor who spent her whole life in a tower

-Fortunata, a blue-skinned sideshow attraction who was once a mermaid

But they have to act fast. There are powerful people in Sturrybucque still awake and doing real harm to its people. If they can’t break the spell, the rest of the royal family–along with everyone in Sturrybucque City–will sleep forever.


Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

I’ve been writing and re-writing the same story, Shadebloom, since I was 19. It has a beginning, middle and end, but I can’t comfortably call it a “finished” manuscript. My goal is to finish my latest revisions, close any plot holes you can drive a truck through, and get it ready to send to a publisher.