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Falion lay in the aerie, the bed swaying to the shifting of the weepingwood. It had taken him quite a while to get used to sleeping in a bed bound to the ground; it had taken him a while to get used to a lot of things in Citadel Village.

In Lumiden, people might walk wide of him, stare after him, whisper about his curse as he passed. But here in the Elvish capital, he didn’t have to constantly watch against an unwanted Contact taking his mind beyond his control. He didn’t have to worry that someone picking up a plate in front of him might brush against an uncovered bit of his flesh, or that an obstinate farmer might throw a bare-fisted punch to Falion’s exposed face to gain the advantage in a training session not going as the man liked. That farmer’s anger and embarrassment at being outclassed didn’t mix well with Falion’s skill…he’d almost broken the man’s leg in retaliation before Quayne got a hand on him, literally. Quayne’s apprehension for the poor bloodied farmer stunned Falion to inaction. That Contact with the farmer had given Falion nightmares; he could have killed the man. Every day he woke in the Village was another day that might happen.

But not here in Lumiden. For all that he felt as different to the Elvish as he felt to the Humans, here he was always in control of himself. Living in the Elvish portion of his skin proved easier than living in the Human part of it.

What I Write

An epic fantasy

Falion is cursed. The part-Blood Commander cannot control what every Human, Elvish, and Starrish person in Indirian can—his own mind. The briefest touch can lose him inside another’s perceptions. So Falion is forced to live his life barricaded in cloth and leather, never touching anyone with his bare skin, living in a small, insignificant village…Until SHE is captured in a raid on the Human village. But she isn’t the only one captured that day. Lord Raek’s daughter Brisa has been abducted, and the Starrish prisoner may be the only lead they have to getting Brisa back. Falion takes her to be truthread in his boyhood home, the Elvish capital, Lumiden. But Lumiden is not as he remembers it, and his prisoner is more than she seems. Falion has to choose between loyalty and justice, right and wrong, life and death—with the fall of Lumiden as the consequence of the wrong choice. And if Lumiden falls, the world crumbles. It all rests on the back of one cursed, part-Elvish man and one uncooperative Starrish woman—an unlikely pair that is just as unlikely to stave off a war between the Starriders and the Elfan, with the Humanity trapped in the middle.

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To finish writing the rough draft of my novel…especially that #$#%$ chapter 49!

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To get three sponsors.