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He had the strangest dream. He was on an airplane, one of those skydiving ones, with the open door. He had on a backpack, and noticed all the other passengers were also dressed in red, green and purple onesies with identical backpacks. The nice nurse from earlier was there, a few strong jawed men, and oddly enough, a medium sized elephant. The elephant was not wearing a onesie, but a purple tutu around its massive middle, aviation goggles around its eyes and a backpack strapped firmly to its backside. The nurse was cooing and feeding peanuts to Miffy, which was the elephants silly name, as J.H. knew in one of those built-in “dream knowledge-y” sort of ways. All of the sudden a rather fit but small man was yelling over the roar of wind traveling past the open door that they were all to get ready for the jump and to find your jumping buddy. J.H. started to move toward the nurse, but his taffy dream legs made it awkward and she was approached by one of the strong jawed men. She waved at J.H. and with a wink slipped into the night air through the door with terrifying speed.
The other two men slipped out the door and J.H. was left with Miffy. He had assumed, wrongly, that he would be jumping alone, until the intense yelling man told him that he must get behind the massive beast, while grabbing two handles near her rear end and help push her out. This terrified him to no end, but the man insisted that he not be a ninny and they heaved as they tried to fit Miffy, tutu and all through what seemed an impossibly small door. Her tail kept thwacking him in the face while he was pushing and hanging on for dear life. With a comical “POP”, Miffy and J.H. flew out of the door, into cold night air, stars blazing distantly. They spun around and around, until they eventually settled into a roaring upright fall. Miffy seemed unphased, while J.H. was attempting to yell his head off as he made his way to the front of the elephant. There were hand holds by her head, where he rested, and stopped screaming as his throat was starting to smart. Miffy reached over with her trunk and ruffled J.H.’s hair in a surprisingly gentle manner, and strangely he began to feel quite comforted by the gesture.
As the duo got closer to the ground, he began to panic once more in realization that he had in fact never been skydiving and had never deployed a parachute in his life. Holding onto the elephant with one hand he began frantically feeling around with his left for the pulley cord that would call his parachute into fruition. While his frantic search for the cord was happening, he didn’t notice the elephant sigh in slight annoyance, stop rubbing his head with her trunk, and reach for the small knob to his left. She gave it a small tug, wherein the chute was released and J.H. was yanked upward from Miffy. Not a second later and Miffy’s chute was also freed, and they rocked back and forth like odd babies or leaves, floating to the ground. J.H. suddenly felt tired and fell asleep, clutching the elephant, and woke with a start, practically smacking the pretty nurse in the head as she re-checked his vitals.

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

My goal is to write for at least and hour everyday during the write-a-thon. I want to try and work on funny short stories, and maybe a bit on the novel I’ve been working on For the past 2 years.