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Kim Neville

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Writing Sample

Ev squats on a heap of garbage, one hand on the edge of the dumpster to keep her balance, and listens for ghosts. Something inside this bin has a sweet stain. It’s strong enough she could sense it when she skimmed past on her bike. Feels like love, or close enough that people will pay good money for it. It doesn’t matter if the stain belongs to a wedding band, an old photograph or a doll with matted-up hair. Ev’s gonna find it.

– from Chapter One of Magpie

What I Write

Stories in a real-world, contemporary setting with a twist of strangeness.



My fiction has appeared in Shimmer, On Spec and Leading Edge.

Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

I’m currently between novels, so while I think about my next big project I plan to finish a couple of short-stories-in-progress:

1) “Auntie’s Eyes,” a ghost story

2) A story about foodie culture and a secret restaurant, currently untitled

Fundraising Goals

I will gratefully accept donations of any amount.