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Writing Sample

When she padded into the kitchen just after six, she saw a series of message alerts on her phone, most of them from Sage.
Does Poppy have a cat?
Had a dream. A cat and P’s eyes and fire. V worrisome energy. Have u talked to P lately?
Sorry for not coming last night btw. Missed you and the kids xx
A friend needed me, and then I’d promised Mrs. Leung a reading.
Did u know she brews beer? Paid in three bottles of stout.
For such a small lady she can put the pints away O_o
Also dream smelled strongly of oleander?
Tried calling P earlier but u know she never picks up.
Anyway yes I would like a corner in ur basement thx and I love u. Will wash dishes and read bedtime stories.
Can cook pasta but not much else sorry.
PS The cat’s name is Periwinkle.

What I Write

Contemporary fantasy. Explores dark places but a sucker for a happy ending.



My fiction has appeared in Imaginarium 3: The Best Canadian Speculative Fiction, Shimmer, and On Spec.

Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

1) To complete a coherent synopsis of my novel-in-progress (a modern witchy Little Women for grownups); and

2) To add 1,000 words a week to the first draft of the above mentioned novel.

Fundraising Goals

I will gratefully accept donations of any amount.