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From Code of Conduct:
Jani hurried out of the alley, slid to a stop, and scurried back into the shelter of a doorway. The desk clerk was talking to an attractive blonde. His new contact from SouthPort Consolidated, Jani assumed. Try as she might, she couldn’t recall seeing that company name on any shipping logs that had passed through her hands.
Jani studied the woman’s neat hair and stylish clothes, both several GateWays removed from the best SouthPort had to offer. She watched as the desk clerk nodded, then pointed in the direction of the alley.
She backed down the passageway, her sore back protesting every stride. When she reached the other end, she looked up and down the street, ducking into the shadows as a passenger skimmer drifted by. She listened, until she heard only faraway street sounds and knew for certain that she was alone. Then she ran.

What I Write

As Kristine Smith, I’ve written the Jani Kilian science fiction series and a few short stories. As Alex Gordon, I’ve written the supernatural thrillers Gideon and Jericho.



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Still working on a Jani Kilian novella that is in danger of turning into a novel. Not really concerned about daily word/page counts. I’ll be happy with daily words.

Fundraising Goals

Some of the first science fiction I read were the Clarion student anthologies from the 1970s. Even though I never attended Clarion, the name has always been synonymous with speculative fiction and writer development, and I want to do what I can to help support the workshop and the scholarship program.