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Buddhist stood at the edge of a giant lake watching as invisible stones caused massive ripples to distort his image in the water. There was a constant sound of waves lapping at the shore as the actions of humans brushed each other in the karmic lake of the universe. Buddhist was waiting once again for his friends Hindu and Jain to meet him between cycles of reincarnation. Since they first bumped into each other over two thousand years ago they had decided to wait for each other by the lake before returning once again into the fold of reincarnation.

The crunching of gravel alerted Buddhist to the presence of another. Slowly turning Buddhist couldn’t help but grin as Hindu slumped his way towards Buddhist grumbling unheard under his breath. This was standard practice for Hindu who always thought that he would be the first to escape from Samsara. Buddhist, however, knew that as long as he had that desire in his heart he would never escape. It was for that very reason that Buddhist cursed these meetings. Having a want in the depths of his soul to meet his two friends transferred to the consciousness of each new life. Leaving him with a desire he could not get rid of.

The slightly louder sound of muffled breathing filled the air and both Buddhist and Hindu glanced back to see Jain sedately making his way towards the patiently waiting Buddhist and the slightly irritated Hindu. The three never appeared in anything more than a white robe so Jain always covered his mouth with his hands when he arrived. The two had tried to convince Jain many times that it was unnecessary here by the lake of reincarnation but the stubborn man never listened. As it was it was hard enough to convince him to walk towards them without checking his path. After so many times walking the unchanging shores he had learned that no living things crawled amongst the stones leaving nothing for him to harm.

Buddhist and Hindu shared a commiserating look. The two didn’t agree on very much but they did agree on Jain’s obsessive nature with non-violence. It got old very quickly.

What I Write

I’m almost exclusively a fantasy writer. Though my dialogue needs work I am proud of the work I can do with setting a silent scene. I gained confidence in my writing through fanfiction but original stories are my passion so it’s time to get back to that.



My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

I’ve been told I don’t write enough and I plan to rectify that. The plan is to write the mythology for a world I have been building for several years now. I expect to write at least two short stories from this if not more. If I can I want to add some poetry because I haven’t done that in years but getting some good writing done is my true goal. I will be posting fun lines and character introductions on my twitter so stop by there for any of the fun stuff as the write-a-thon continues.

Fundraising Goals

I have no goals for fundraising but if you want to contribute then more power to you.