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Lara Campbell McGehee

About Me

Writing Sample

Perhaps Jem had the dream only because he’d seen the wolves that morning. But if he’d told Enkara, or one of the other old people, they might have said it was a sign. Like the wolf in the story, he’d gone seeking something, and had come to the edge of the world he knew as solid, to find a different world he couldn’t fathom—a world whose border was inhabited by shadows. And they were shadows of himself.

When he awoke, he realized his dreaming mind had faithfully played out a story he knew well. It was one Enkara often told when people crowded into the big, smoky room at the Women’s House to trade tales and songs—the story about the old mother wolf hunting for her shadow. Some of the images in the dream were hazy, as if in a white fog, but most were vivid and clear, as if he’d actually followed the wolf, seen the gray seals among the rocks on the beach, seen the shadow itself.

—from White Sky (Volume I of In the Shadow of the She-Wolf)

What I Write

I write sociological science fiction and a variety of different types of fantasy, including stories set in alternate words without any magic and others with elements of magical realism.



Short Stories:
“Rains of Craifa, Figure 1— Girl with Shavlas” – Straeon 1: Malady Fare
“The Memory of Trees” – LC-39, Issue 2

White Sky: Volume I of in the Shadow of the She-Wolf – Alnim Books / Glen Lyon Press

Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

I think it’s a lot easier to get a solid sense of accomplishment while drafting, when you can shoot for a number of words or pages per day or per week, so I would have preferred to be working on something new, but my priority right now has to be finishing the final edits for the second and third volumes of my science fiction novel, In the Shadow of the She-Wolf.

So my goal is to work on that project for a minimum of one hour every day, and to try to do more than an hour a day at least three times a week, so I can at least be very close to finished by the end of July.

Fundraising Goals

I’ve never been good at fundraising, and I find it awkward to ask people for money, no matter what the cause. But I know that every little bit helps, so I hope I can contribute by bringing in a few more donations.