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My Progress

7/29/2017 ¬†Finished The Odd Pizza Place at 4 k. I had to go back and revise 50 words out to meet length, but not too bad. I did a tie-in with my familiar characters, but expanded my world out a little. Could be the start of a new novel. I love this POV character’s voice, sort of noir intellectual with some irony. It’s a nice change from my usual goof-fest, with adult characters and set in a grungy city somewhere in the Northwest.

Looking forward to getting back to novel writing, but this was fun. Great practice and a learning experience! Thanks for the motivation!


About Me

Writing Sample

I was out front of the pizza place, on break. Yeah, we were open, even though morning on Sunday’s not prime pizza time. Reasons for that I’ll get to.
I ground out a cigarette and sipped my coffee, feeling that breeze float up off the water, the marine smell, the deep cool, and I closed my eyes. I don’t know how long before I opened them, but when I did, she was standing there.
“Good morning,” she said. “I hear you’re about to offer me a job.”
“Morning,” I said. “Is that so.” She was a tall, leggy brunette, very cool, dressed in black. Holding a portfolio tied with twine. The kind he always sends. I get tired of training them. But it’s my job to give them their jobs.
“Mercutio sent you?” I whispered, and she nodded. She slid the portfolio across the table, sat down without invitation. I didn’t lower my sunglasses. Last night had been rough. Plus I’d never really gotten used to all the light in the daytime.
In case it’s not clear by now, working in this pizza joint is only a cover for what I really do. Which is a tad more complicated than working dough and pouring sauce.
The sign for the pizza place, in a wide triangle above the door, shows two eyes. Mismatched in color. Odd eyes.
Piled in the entrance, cheap publications in scores. More inside. Lurking all about the entrance, piles and piles of zines, cards, flyers, posters. Pinned all over the walls, sliding off the tables and the erstwhile shelves we prop outside the restrooms. Among all the lifestyle manifestos and bids for drummers and pronouncements for alternative medicine, there are these things called deadzines. Hardly noticeable in the flux.

What I Write

I write YA fantasy that is both epic and paranormal–but also humorous and quirky.

I also write spec fic short stories, including scifi, fantasy, and horror.



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I won second place for adult fiction in Tidepools 2006, and I’ve also been published in Jeopardy webzine.

Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

Write six complete short stories–one each week–of 3 – 4 k, no longer.

I struggle with restraining the length of my writing, although I can definitely finish stories. But keeping the length down will be quite a challenge for me! I look forward to improving this skill.

Fundraising Goals

I am happy to raise whatever I can. This is my first attempt to participate!