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I’m approaching the end of Fear Fallacy Friend’s first draft and the beginning of the revision process. Also, details about a character for the next story have been collected because we briefly meet that character in this story. The future is looking bright for all involved.

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Excerpt from a Previous Short Story Project


Luke sat on a flat bolder to rest and look out over the valley’s verdant fields and the great river. From high in the foothills of the Eastern Mountains, he could see all the way across the valley to the Western Mountains.


A shadow drew his attention skyward where a hawk’s silhouette circled, coming closer. Then he realized it was not a hawk; it was a dragon. He’d never seen a dragon in flight before. Instincts brought primal fear: A monster was coming. He jumped down and ducked behind the boulder. Dusty wind stirred the grass followed by the crackle of dry grass crushed.


A lilting voice said, “What were you doing on my rock?”


Taking deep breaths, Luke calmed himself. It was only a dragon. A dragon wouldn’t harm a person. The Paladins’ Peace said so. He would not let this one frighten or intimidate him. He stood and faced the dragon. She stood on all fours, her tail held high, her head held low, her wings spread wide, appearing ready to pounce.


Luke struck his confidence pose — feet apart, fists on hips with elbows akimbo, chin held high — and said, “This isn’t your rock. It’s a public rock.” He sat on his end of the boulder and faced the valley.


The dragon closed her wings, climbed on the other end of the boulder, sat on her haunches supporting herself with her arms, and wrapped her tail around her hands and feet. After a glance at Luke, she bent her ears back, and with the chin on the end of her wedge-shaped snout held high as Luke had his, she stared out at the valley in the same manner as Luke.


Yellow highlights indicated the dragon was female, but she was not as large as Squawk’s parents who were seven times longer than Luke was tall. This dragon was only five times longer.


After listening a while to the wind whispering through the grass, Luke felt compelled to speak, but didn’t. Dragons were patient, but he was determined to outwait the dragon.


The dragon spoke, “This rock is my rock.”


Luke responded, “It is not.”

What I Write

I write science fiction/fantasy often about the relationships between dragons and their non-dragon partners.


“No love is greater than a dragon’s love for his rider.”
The Dragon Universe by Lester D. Crawford

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Clarion West Write-a-thon 2020 Goal: Continue developing my writing craft skills by finishing Fear Fallacy Friend: A Novella.

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Fundraising goals are for whatever I am fortunate enough to have donated in my name.