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Excerpt from Current Short Story Project

A passing shadow drew Luke’s attention to the sky.  In the glare, he saw a hawk’s silhouette, circling, coming closer.  Then it registered as not being a hawk, but as being a dragon.  He had never seen a flying dragon; he had never been at Dragon’s Cave when Squawks parents came or went, and Squawk couldn’t fly yet.  Instincts brought primal fear: A monster was coming.  He jumped down and ducked behind the rock slab.  Dusty wind stirred the grass followed by the sound of dry grass crushed.

“What were you doing on my rock?”

Luke took a few deep breaths to calm himself.  It was only a dragon.  Dragons wouldn’t harm a person.  The Paladins’ Peace said so.  Moreover, Luke was comfortable with dragons, at least with the dragons he knew.  He was not going to let this dragon frighten or intimidate him.

He stood, put his hands on his waist with elbows akimbo, held his chin high, and said, “This is not your rock.  It’s a public rock.”  He sat on his end of the rock facing the valley.

The dragon closed her wings tightly to her body, climbed on the other end of the rock, sat on her haunches supporting herself with her arms, wrapped her tail around her feet and hands, and with her chin held high as Luke had his, she stared out at the valley in the same manner as Luke.

The yellow highlights indicated the dragon was female, but she was not as large as Squawk’s parents who were more than seven times longer than Luke was tall.  This dragon was only about five times longer.

After listening a while to the whisper of the wind in the grass, Luke felt compelled to say something.  He resisted.  Dragons were patient, but Luke was determined to outwait the dragon.  He was not going to be the first to speak.

The dragon spoke, “This rock is my rock.”

Luke responded, “It is not.”

What I Write

I write science fiction/fantasy, mostly about the relationships between dragons and their non-dragon partners.



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Clarion West Write-a-thon 2018 Goal: Practice my writing craft skills on a series of short stories.

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Fundraising goals are for whatever I am fortunate enough to have donated in my name.