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An island of light centers on the card table. There’s a man sitting directly across from me. A fifth of tequila and a Ziploc bag full of Benjamins occupy the space between us. To my left, just beyond the light, a tripod mounted camera watches us. It isn’t the only observer. Two other men wait by the door. They don’t care who wins. They’re just here to make sure somebody loses. Plastic drop cloths cover the concrete floor.

Spin… Click.

My heart pounds out a dance rhythm. I keep my eyes on the piece.  The other man places it on the table in front of me. “Now you,” he says. His tone, flat and cold, draws my gaze upward. His eyes don’t match his voice. They’re full of wild intensity, maybe madness. I look back down at the revolver just to get away from those eyes. “Go on,” he encourages me. “It gets easier after the first time.”

What I Write

At the age of ten, Liam Meilleur invented the moon. As a teen, he hitchhiked his way across Atlantis and chased the waves back into the sea. In 2013, Liam was kidnapped by a conspiracy of clarion crows and taught the art of telling interesting lies by masters of the craft. He was last seen storming the beaches of Academia…

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

The writing, revision, and submission of at least two short stories.

Fundraising Goals

Anything helps.