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Lora Gray


My Progress

Outlining is about 75% complete!  I’ve stitched together some plot holes and stumbled into a few new ideas and I’m itching to start the rewriting process!



About Me

Writing Sample

You find the dead Angel at five a.m. in the slurry of broken bottles and rotting fish on the Lake Erie shore. It almost looks human in the morning light, a ten-year-old, maybe eleven, boyish, face bloated, limp and blue and doughy.

from “The Imitation Sea” Shimmer March 2018


What I Write

Weird fiction and poetry and all things between.



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My writing has been published in Shimmer, The Dark and Strange Horizons among other places. You can find my full bibliography here.

Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

Outlining and rewriting 30k of the 2nd draft of my novel!

Fundraising Goals

All donations are appreciated!

I will be giving shout outs on my blog to all of my sponsors.

Also, as an added incentive, anyone who sponsors me at $25 or above will receive a one of a kind, personalized haiku!