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Every day at half past five the bar in the lobby of the motel opened. Electric tiki torches burned in the corners and a dusty grass skirt hugged the curved bar. It smelled of stale cigarettes and just a hint of vomit. It wasn’t a nice place. Still, Lajos found it was a slight improvement over staring at the wallpaper in their room and waiting.

In the corner, a TV chattered, the screen letting off a droning buzz. A fan clicked in time to the clink of Lajos’ ice cubes every time he took a drink. Two regulars were having a discussion in the corner. Something about a reservoir of magic in a house three miles south. Amateurs who were talking too loud. Lajos counted the minutes until an undercover cop busted them. For the hundredth time that hour, he wondered when Angelo would be back.

“You been here a while. Seven days isn’t it? You waiting for that friend of yours?” The bartender notched his hip against the bar as he polished with a flashy cloud of sparks. He was white, rail thin and mousy, with eyes that were a little too hungry. Lajos took another sip and ignored him.

“Okay then,” the bartender hissed through his teeth. “Just making conversation.”

Tension prickled at the base of Lajos’ neck. “Make it elsewhere.”


What I Write

Speculative fiction.

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

I plan to write at least 1000 words of new fiction a day during the Write-A-Thon. I also plan to post updates on Twitter to ensure sponsors are aware of my progress each week.

Fundraising Goals

I don’t have a monetary goal, but I plan to do this rewards style.

$1 – Progress updates.

I will post these via twitter and on my blog. However, you can also opt-in to receive weekly progress emails.

$10 – Samples.

Sponsors who donate $10 or more will receive weekly samples via email. The more you pledge, the longer a sample you will receive (up to $49.99)!

$50 – Tuckerization. (Limit 3 sponsors).

If you donate $50, I will immortalize you as a minor character. We’ll discuss how you want to be portrayed and stick you into one of my stories. You will exist on the page forever!