Marnee Chua

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Marnee Chua

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Writing Sample

“I look down at the crumbling serpentine as
our hiking boots crush the flaky minerals under our feet.
I breath in deep; the air feels good in my lungs
and the green hills make my eyes comfortable.”

What I Write

I’ve only ever managed poetry, I have never published any of it, and yet still dream about someday writing an epic science fiction novel. There’s still time.

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Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

Ease back into a few poems, dust off some of the old ones, consider submitting one out into the universe.


Fundraising Goals

The Write-a-thon is our biggest annual fundraiser, I’d love to see it continue to grow every year. For my two cents, I’ll be asking family and friends to support me and other writers and am hoping to add another $250 to the effort.