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Mouse settled himself on the throne — surprisingly comfortable, given that it was just a shelf of rock — and watched the ghost ladies.

The misty women went about their business: walking through each other; pausing to speak silently; kneeling to move things he could not see; hugging; raising up their arms with a fierce look to defy unseen things in the sky above them; sleeping. He rarely had any idea what the ghosts were doing, but he was endlessly fascinated by them anyway.

The tower grounds, seen through the veil of ghost women, became brighter and clearer. He saw details carved into the gray rock of the tower that he had never noticed before: small fractal crenellations and tiny gargoyles perched high up in neglected turrets. If he watched long enough, he might catch one of the gargoyles grooming itself before returning to stillness. He saw mysterious faces through narrow windows, and smooth peach-colored eggs in the nest of the giant red raven. Down in the grounds, he saw jeweled spiders weaving. He saw the quivering whiskers of lungfish as they pushed themselves up out of the steaming sulphurous waters of Hell Creek as it flowed out of the mountain to join the Sallow River.

Sitting on the haunted throne, Mouse felt — well, he couldn’t have said exactly what it was, but it was a good feeling. A feeling like he didn’t need to be anywhere else or do anything other than sit on the throne. The feeling never lasted long. Eventually he got cold, or stiff, or hungry, or his bladder got full, or a part of him started trying to figure out what the women were doing and this part gave him a frustrated headache. But for a while it was perfect.



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YA werewolf novel Waking up Naked in Strange Places

Stories in Talebones, Space Grunts, and Witches, Stitches and Bitches.

Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

This year, I want to try something a little different. I don’t want to set out overall 6-week goals. I want to set myself smaller goals within the time frame of the workshop. I want to be more like, “today I’m going to do this” or “this weekend I’m going to do this.” Set, meet (or not) and evaluate goals as I go.

Check out my Write-a-thon home page  http://www.gothhouse.org/clarion-west-write-a-thon-2016/

Goal : submit that one story. Met!
Goal: submit another story. Met!
Goal: Figure out why the Waking Up Naked in Strange Places sequel isn’t quite right and devise a solution. Met!
Goal: Finish revising novel outline based on plan in #3.
Goal: First draft of new story.
Goal: Finish corralling stories and ideas into kind of useful order.

Fundraising Goals

As always, I encourage donations in extremely lucky multiples of $13.

New, bonus incentive! For those who sponsor me, an official blessing from Saint Expedite in postcard form!