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I slam the back door of the club and lean against the brick wall. It’s rough and cold against the exposed skin of my back, and my toes ache inside my high heels. The alley behind the club is dark, with only one orange sodium light fixed to the wall above me.

I’m still furious with Lucas, the cheating bastard, and I need a cigarette. I’m fishing in my purse when I hear the sound, like someone chewing something juicy with their mouth open. I lick my lips and turn toward the sound.

The creature looks up at me with an almost human face. It’s smeared with gore, and its clawed hands scrabble at the bloody mess on the concrete. I catch my breath. It fixes wet black eyes on me, then begins to croon sweetly. Its hair smooths from a matted mane to glossy chestnut locks. Its cadaverous face freshens, plumps into that of a woman with smooth skin, high cheekbones, and large, wet, black eyes. It blinks long lashes at me coquettishly, but there is still blood dripping from its pouting lips.

Read the rest here: http://acidicfiction.com/2015/01/09/

What I Write

I write what I like to read: science fiction, fantasy, and sometimes horror. Sometimes it’s serious, and sometimes it’s silly.



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“There are More Things in Heaven and Earth Than Are Written in Your Thesis, Professor Kingston” in Tales of the Talisman, Vol. 9, Iss. 1
“The Plumbing Hex Incident” in Tales of the Talisman Vol. 6, Iss. 4
“Cry to the Sirens” on January 9, 2015 at Acidicfiction.com

“Resurrection Girl” forthcoming in the Iron Doves anthology from Dragons Rocket Ship Publishing

Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

Daily Goal: write/edit 30 minutes a day for total of 210 minutes a week. I can miss a day here or there, but must make up the lost minutes of writing time.

Weekly Goal: submit a short story to a market, or a query letter to an agent.

Fundraising Goals

Raise $10 for Clarion West.