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“To collect me? Whatever for?” I looked up and saw my very nosey neighbor staring at me. “Why don’t you come in?” I hissed. “My neighbors already think I am missing a few crayons from my box.”
Reginald walked over the threshold. I closed the door. “Why should your neighbors care if you have lost some crayons? Can you not buy a new box?”
“If only….” I said. “…but…. Never mind…”
“Where is your suitcase? We really must be going. We only have 30 minutes left to get out of town…”
“Or what? The sheriff will arrest me? I will turn into a pumpkin? It will rain and I’ll melt?”
“Kathy, do not be ridiculous!” Reginald’s blue whiskers twitched. “The tunnel will close, and you will not get back home!”
I shook my head….. “The tunnel will close and I won’t get…? I am home! Are you sure you have the right house? I’m not Kathy, I’m Penelope Green; this is 2102 Brookshire Place, Comfort City. I’m a research scientist at Princeton Observatory, I have three cats (although where they are right now I don’t know), and I have two theories on trans-dimensional travel being laughed at as we speak!”
Reginald looked shaken. ”CATS?..Where? Quick, pick me up! Why would you even think of having CATS?”

What I Write

This is a sample from a short story I am taking to Armadillo Con writer’s workshop.


I have written and published many types of newsletters, also many articles in local papers, but have not yet published my fiction, but that is the goal for this year

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

1. To write the equivalent of 500 words a day
2. To finish my current short story
3. To get back to work on my novel

Fundraising Goals

1. to post on Facebook
2. to donate myself
3. plan other fundraising promotions