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Mouse sat on her grandmother’s front porch each night for the whole summer, trying to spot when the bird bones came. She never managed to see. She’d blink, or take a breath at the wrong time, or twitch her chin to flick hair at humming insects. And in that infinitesimal moment, the bones would arrive. No cat dragged them in. No gentle human hand laid them on the cracked cedar boards pocked with peeling white paint. Worst, in Mouse’s opinion, was the lack of drama or fanfare. The bones simply were not, and then they were.

–untitled WIP (short story)

What I Write

Usually involves monsters, robots, and dinosaurs. Much #ownvoices! Many queers. Wow.


My fiction has been published in Lightspeed, Apex, Fireside, Cicada, several Year’s Best anthologies, and more. I’m a 2016 Nebula Award finalist for my short story, “This Is Not A Wardrobe Door,” and my debut short story collection, SO YOU WANT TO BE A ROBOT, is available in print and ebook (Lethe Press). YAY ROBOTS!

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Coming soon… *eerie music*